Sustainable Management

For the Neoenergia Group, sustainability is a value and is materialized in its mission: “Be the power that moves and illuminates people’s lives, for the well-being and development of society, with efficiency, quality, safety, sustainability and respect for the individual”.  As it understands that this is a pillar of its business, the Neoenergia Group invests heavily in renewable energy. There are 16 wind farms in Bahia and Rio Grande do Norte and two solar power plants in Fernando de Noronha (PE). There are also solar power plants to supply the stadiums of Pituaçu, in Salvador, and the Pernambuco Arena, in Recife, and it has been investing in power generation projects from biogas.

The Sustainability Policy establishes eight corporate guidelines for the growth and the operation to be held in a responsible context in corporate, social and environmental terms. These guidelines are: financial health, responsible energy matrix, clarity as to the impacts, stakeholder engagement, valuing people, community development, customer satisfaction and relations with suppliers.

The sustainability practices are divided into various programs and projects. They range from the planning of major hydroelectric plants construction works to exchange of electric home appliances. They also include the monitoring of atmospheric emissions, conservation of biodiversity, reduction of water consumption, promotion of reuse and recycling, education and the health of communities, in addition to the safety of employees.

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