• Amendment to the shareholders’ agreement governing the partnership between Iberdrola and Neoenergia in FEB (Força Eólica do Brasil). The original parent company, Força Eólica do Brasil, underwent a spinoff from which three companies were formed. In addition to the original company, which remained under joint control, two others were formed, each under the control of one of the partners; Neoenergia became controlling shareholder of FEB I, the parent company of wind farms Caetité 1 and 2 and Calangos 1, 4 and 5. Thus, FEB 1 became a subsidiary of Neoenergia, which started to consolidate its accounts according to the global method of accounting.
  • Acquisition of six new wind farms, three of which in Rio Grande do Norte and three in Paraíba (installed capacity 178.5 MW, 50% Neoenergia).
  • Commercial operation and expansion of Brumado II Substation.
  • Commercial operation of Caetité 1, Caetité 2 and Caetité wind farms.