• Start of operation of the Baixo Iguaçu HPP.
  • Lifting of the first transmission towers of April / 17 auction lots
  • Participation in the 003/2019 Generation Auction named “A-4” of 2019, in which Força Eólica do Brasil S.A. (“FEB”), controlled by Neoenergia, traded 30% of energy of 2 Wind Farms, Oitis 1 and Oitis 8, in a total of 74 MW of installed capacity.
  • Elektro’s 5th Periodic Tariff Review, with average effect perceived by the consumer of (-8.32%) on the tariff, resulting from a lower Parcel A and a 5.2% Parcel B increase. The highlight was the recognition of 97.9% of investments in RAB (R $ 3.9 billion) and the higher recognition of Regulatory Losses in 8.03% (vs. 6.6%).
  • Conclusion of the construction of Lot 20 from Auction nº 05/2016, which took place on April 2017, with 14 months in advance when compared to Aneel Contractual Term (February 2021).
  • Participation in the 02/2019 Transmission Auction, in which Neoenergia bought lot 9, that comprise 1 transmission line of 210 km in length and 2 substations.
  • Approved the construction of all 12 wind farms of the Oitis Complex, located in the states of Piauí and Bahia