Grasping opportunities in competitive segments

The large participation on the business and the understanding of the perspectives and tariff structure allow us to take advantage of business opportunities and expand the range of services offered to our consumers. By integrating trading with energy generation, we are able to further strengthen our energy portfolio and attend to customers with a wide range of profiles.

With regard to our generation activity, as electricity consumption in Brazil grows over the next decade, we will continue to explore opportunities for investment in new generation projects, including wind and hydro power generation, observed strict return rules on the investment, in order to ensure we can meet the demand for energy. Our expertise in renewable energy and large-scale hydraulic projects are in line with the government’s prospects of expanding the energy matrix, which qualifies us as potential participants in regulated auctions.

Our track record in constructing generating projects, such as Dardanelos and Teles Pires, highlights us by the capacity of management and deliveries within deadlines and according to the business plan, which means we are competitive when participating in auctions by presenting the lowest price and assurance of project profitability.