Neoenergia Group offers a diversified portfolio of energy products and solutions for a broad range of customers, through its subsidiary Neoenergia Comercialização.

The company has started its activities under the name of NC Energia in 2001, developing customized solutions intended to the free energy market – an environment where companies may choose their suppliers and freely trade volumes and prices of electric energy.

With Elektro absorption, in 2017, Elektro Comercializadora has joined the group, and the company was renamed as Neoenergia Comercialização. The merger has added to Neoenergia around 119 MW average to the company’s portfolio, in 2018, and incorporated the segments of Photovoltaic Distributed Generation and Engineering and Construction into the Group’s portfolio.

In the Distribute Generation segment, the company operates in the integration of solar energy systems to micro- and mini-generation, from the project design to the structure installation and solar plant commissioning, creating sustainable solutions for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

In the area of Engineering and Construction, the trader operates in all steps related to energy infrastructure of projects, such as the construction of substations and transmission lines. The company works from the project design to the final stages of works and construction management.

Neoenergia Comercialização also provides specializing service to the various market segments, including further services related to the management and trading of electric energy.