We operate in both conventional and renewable energy generation. Our renewable energy generation business has a total of approximately 4.0 GW in commercial operation, with 3.03 GW of hydroelectric energy, 0.5 GW of wind energy, and 0.5 GW in operation through a power plant natural gas.

We have an installed and operating capacity of 1.5 GW of wind power, operated through 44 wind farms. Our hydroelectric plants have 3.0 GW of installed capacity in operation, owned by the Teles Pires, Itapebi, Dardanelos, Baguari, Corumbá III, Baixo Iguaçu and Belo Monte hydroelectric plants.

We also have a conventional combined cycle gas-fired power plant, the Termopernambuco thermoelectric plant (Termope), located in the State of Pernambuco, with 0.5 GW of installed capacity in operation, which has a power supply contract (PPA – Purchase Power Agreement) of 455 average MW, valid until December/2023.