Neoenergia has a new CEO

Neoenergia introduces its new CEO, Eduardo Capelastegui, who takes over the leadership of the company today (07/15). The change takes place in the same month in which the company completes 25 years of history in Brazil, with protagonism in the electric sector and pioneering actions in favor of economic and sustainable development in the country.

Neoenergia’s Board of Directors approved the executive as the new CEO, who will replace Mário Ruiz-Tagle, who, after five years at the head of the company, will take another position within the Iberdrola Group.

“Leading a company committed to the future demands focus, discipline, confidence, and determination. To get here and go forward, teamwork is fundamental. Therefore, I highlight the talent and recognize the effort of the entire Neoenergia team, always carrying with me the duty to follow up and provide a quality service to positively impact the lives of our almost 16 million customers,” highlights Capelastegui.

When asked about one of his main objectives in this new position, Eduardo reinforces: “I will always carry with me the duty of providing a quality service to positively impact the lives of all our clients”.

Professional trajectory

Until now, Eduardo Capelastegui has been the Executive Director of Asset Control and Planning at Neoenergia. With more than 20 years of experience in the energy sector, he joined the Iberdrola team in 1998. He arrived in Brazil in 1999, when he took over the management control of Iberdrola’s holdings in the country, Chile and Bolivia. Later, in 2016, he won a position on the board of Neoenergia. Throughout this period, he worked in areas related to Control, Planning and Administration. With a degree in Economics and Administration, specializing in Finance, he also spent four years at Andersen Consulting, in the area of Strategic Management of Services.

“I am proud to follow the development of Neoenergia in the Brazilian market, always in line with its purpose and values, basing its growth on principles of profitability, ethics and transparency,” says Capelastegui.

Throughout his career, his performance in the conduction of financial management and control stands out. At Neoenergia, the growth of assets and results is relevant, with a tenfold increase in net income in the last five years.

25 years of company history

Over these more than 20 years, the company has been guided by a sustainable strategy, with investments in all segments of the electric sector, which reinforces the commitment to create value for society, shareholders, clients and all employees.

These attributes of Neoenergia were recognized with the Transparency Trophy, awarded this year by the National Association of Finance, Administration and Accounting Executives (Anefac). The award positions the company among the ten companies with net revenues above R$ 8 billion that present high quality and transparency of the financial information provided to the market, as well as consistency of the management report and adherence to accounting principles. 

Eduardo Capelastegui’s management is also marked by the launch of the first edition of the Annual Report on Fiscal Transparency. The corporate tax policy is part of the governance and compliance system, which brings together the rules and principles that govern the organization, operation and relations of the Neoenergia Group.

In addition to voluntarily informing the details of tax contributions for 2021, the publication reinforces the commitment with society to guarantee ethical principles of corporate governance in compliance with Brazilian legislation and good international practices.