Neoenergia is an integrated energy company which operates in the four segments of the electricity sector: generation, transmission, distribution and trading. The focus is on distribution, supported by generation, transmission and trading activities. In this way, it aims to maintain and expand standards of quality and performance.

Distribution and Transmission

Our five Discos provide power to about 16.1 million customers in the states of Bahia, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, Distrito Federal and part of the states of Paraíba (1 municipality), São Paulo (223 municipalities) and Mato Grosso do Sul (5 municipalities), covering a population of more than 37 million people.

We also operate in the transmission of electric power, which includes the operation and maintenance of transmission lines and substations with a voltage equal to or greater than 230 kV and which are part of SIN – National Interconnected System. The remuneration of these assets is made through a Permitted Annual Revenue – RAP, resulting from the Transmission Auctions and/or Authorizing Resolutions (reinforcements in existing facilities) collected from the users of the system. With the incorporation of Neoenergia Elektro, in August 2017, we added 578 km of new transmission lines to our electric grid and 10 transmission substations, one owned and nine shared, located in the states of Mato Grosso do Sul, São Paulo, Santa Catarina and Ceará, and which were sold at the Transmission Auction held by ANEEL in April 2017.

Still in 2017, Neoenergia was once again winner in Auction n. 002/2017 – ANEEL when it acquired two new concessions – Lots 4 and 6 – of electric power transmission, which together comprise 4 transmission lines (1,074 km) and 6 substations, one owned and five shared, located in the States of Tocantins, Piauí, Bahia, Ceará and Paraíba. In December 2018, at Auction n. 004/2018-ANEEL, in another successful participation, Neoenergia won 4 new lots (1, 2, 3 and 14) corresponding more than 2,500 km in length.

In the Auction for the Concession of Transmission Public Service of electric power n. 02/2019 – held on December 19, 2019 – Neoenergia won lot 9, located in Bahia, which comprises 1 transmission line of 210 km and 2 substations. The maximum term for the construction of the works is 48 months as of the signing of the contract. The total capex estimated by the regulator is around R$ 303 million and the RAP is R$ 18 million.

Neoenergia purchased in December 2020, in the Transmission Auction n 01/2020 promoted by ANEEL, lot 2, which comprises three 500 kV transmission lines, one 230 kV transmission line and a new 500 kV substation with synchronous compensation – Medeiros Neto – amounting to 1,091 km in length and mostly covering Bahia, in addition to Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo. Aneel’s estimated Capex is R$ 2 billion and the RAP is R$ 160 million (adjusted annually by IPCA).

In December 2021, in the Transmission Auction nº 02/2021, the Company won lot 4, located in the State of Minas Gerais, comprising the Estreito 500 kV Substation – 3 synchronous compensators, with a bid of R$ 37.1 million and discount of 58.63%, compared to Permitted Annual Revenue (RAP) of R$ 89.7 million. The estimated investment is around R$ 661 million. The maximum deadline for construction is until March 2026.

In the transmission auction nº 01/2022, held in June 2022, Neoenergia won two transmission lots, lots 2 and 11, adding another 1,998 km of transmission lines and 2 new substations. Lot 2, located in the states of Minas Gerais and São Paulo, was sold with a bid of R$360 million and a discount of 50.3%. The investment estimated by Aneel is R$ 4,939 million and the maximum term for construction is until September 2027. Lot 11, located in the states of Mato Grosso do Sul, was awarded with a bid of R$ 38.2 million and discount of 45.7%. The investment estimated by Aneel is R$ 499 million and the maximum term for construction is until September 2026.

In January 2023, the company had in operation Afluente T, Narandiba, Potiguar Sul, Atibaia, Biguaçu, Sobral, Dourados, Jalapão, Santa Luzia and Rio Formoso, totaling 2.5 thousand km of transmission lines and 13 transmission substations located in the States of Bahia, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte, Mato Grosso do Sul, São Paulo, Santa Catarina, Ceará, Tocantins, Piauí and Maranhão. Under construction, we have 6.1 thousand km of transmission lines and 13 substations.

Thus, among assets in operation and under construction, we have a total portfolio of 8.6 thousand km of transmission lines and 26 transmission substations, totaling more than R$ 1.8 Billion of RAP.

With the contract signed with GIC in April 2023 for the sale of a stake in Neoenergia Transmissão, after the closing of the transaction, 8 of the 10 operating assets will be held 50% by Neoenergia and 50% by GIC, namely: Rio Formoso, Santa Luzia, Atibaia, Biguaçu, Narandiba, Jalapão, Dourados and Sobral. For assets under construction, GIC will have the Right of First Offer to acquire a 50% interest when they become operational. For Potiguar Sul, the GIC also has the Right of First Offer when the debentures are settled in 2025.


We operate in both conventional and renewable energy generation. Our business has installed capacity of 5.2 GW and potential installed capacity of 5.1 GW (Pipeline Greenfield). Of the installed capacity, 3 GW refers to hydroelectric plants in operation, 1.5 GW refers to wind farms in operation, 0.1 GW refers to the solar park and 0.5 GW refers to Termopernambuco (thermal plant in operation). Regarding assets under construction, the wind farms have an installed capacity of 0.1 GW.

The hydroelectric generation is owned by the Teles Pires, Itapebi, Dardanelos, Baguari, Corumbá III, Baixo Iguaçu and Belo Monte plants, the wind generation is owned by 42 wind farms in operation and solar generation is owned by Luzia Solar Complex.

After the closing of the asset exchange signed with the Eletrobras Group in December 2022, Neoenergia will hold a 100% stake in Dardanelos and will withdraw its stake in Teles Pires and Baguari. After this transaction, Neoenergia will have 5 hydroelectric generation assets in its portfolio.

We also have a combined cycle gas-fired power plant, the Termopernambuco thermoelectric plant (Termope), located in the State of Pernambuco, with 0.5 GW of installed capacity in operation, which has an energy supply contract (PPA – Purchase Power Agreement) of 455 MWaverage, valid until December 2023. On December 21, 2021, Termopernambuco was one of the winners of the first Capacity Reserve Auction. In the auction, the entire available capacity of the plant was sold, at a power price of R$ 487,412.70 MW/year, with supply starting on July 1, 2026, ensuring a fixed revenue of R$ 207 million per year.

The Oitis Wind Complex has practically 100% of its capacity in operation, with the remaining portion expected to enter in the coming months.


Neoenergia Group offers a diversified portfolio of energy products and solutions for a broad range of customers, through its subsidiary Neoenergia Comercialização.

The company has started its activities under the name of NC Energia in 2001, developing customized solutions intended to the free energy market – an environment where companies may choose their suppliers and freely trade volumes and prices of electric energy.

With Neoenergia Elektro absorption, in 2017, Elektro Comercializadora has joined the group, and the company was renamed as Neoenergia Comercialização. The merger has added to Neoenergia around 119 MW average to the company’s portfolio in 2018, and incorporated the segments of Photovoltaic Distributed Generation and Engineering and Construction into the Group’s portfolio.

In the Distribute Generation segment, the company operates in the integration of solar energy systems to micro and mini-generation, from the project design to the structure installation and solar plant commissioning, creating sustainable solutions for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

In the area of Engineering and Construction, the trader operates in all steps related to energy infrastructure of projects, such as the construction of substations and transmission lines. The company works from the project design to the final stages of works and construction management.

Neoenergia Comercialização also provides specializing service to the various market segments, including further services related to the management and trading of electric energy.