Privacy Notice

Privacy notice for shareholders and investors

Neoenergia S.A. and the companies that are part of the Neoenergia Group (“Neoenergia”) are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring compliance with personal data protection legislation, in particular Law No. 13.709 / 2018 (“LGPD”). Your personal data will be treated (i) in a legal, loyal and transparent manner, (ii) subjecting them to specific explicit and legitimate purposes and (iii) in an appropriate manner and limited to necessary information regarding these purposes. In addition, we will keep your personal data accurate and up-to-date, preserving them in a way that allows their identification and only for the time necessary to fulfill the treatment purposes.

Neoenergia has implemented necessary technical and organizational measures to protect your data against accidental loss or alteration, access, use or unauthorized disclosure, and has also established procedures to react to any security incident that may affect your personal data.

Neoenergia, in compliance with the LGPD and this Privacy Notice, may make decisions regarding the treatment of personal data, as well as carry out the treatment of such data, involving operations such as those regarding collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, display, transmission, distribution, processing, archiving, storage, deletion, evaluation or control of information, modification, communication, transfer, dissemination or extraction.

Through this Privacy Notice, we hereby inform about the treatment of your personal data as a result of the shareholders’ commitment to fulfill legal obligations and responsibilities in which Neoenergia is under and by its regulatory bodies.

Who is responsible for processing of your personal data?

The person responsible for processing your data is:

Neoenergia S.A.
CNPJ: 01.083.200/0001-18
CEP 22210-030 Praia do Flamengo, 78
Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Afluente Transmissão de Energia Elétrica S.A.
CEP 22210-030
Praia do Flamengo, n.º 78, 1º andar, parte
Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro – RJ
Companhia de Eletricidade do Estado da Bahia – COELBA
CNPJ: 15.139.629/0001-94
CEP 41181-900
Avenida Edgar Santos, 300
Narandiba, Salvador – BA
Companhia Energética de Pernambuco – CELPE
CNPJ: 10.835.932/0001-08
CEP 50050-902
Avenida João de Barros, nº 111,
Boa Vista, Recife – PE
Companhia Energética do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte – COSERN
CNPJ: 08.324.196/0001-81
CEP 59025-250
Rua Mermoz, nº 150,
Centro, Natal – RN
Elektro Redes S.A
CNPJ: 02.328.280/0001-97
CEP 13.053-024
Rua Ary Antenor de Souza, nº 321,
Jardim Nova América, Campinas – SP
Which personal data do we process?

The personal data that Neoenergia may process are:

  • ID / CPF / Passport
  • Name and surname
  • Address (postal, electronic)
  • Electronic signature
  • Ownership Position in Neoenergia Group’s Publicly Traded Companies
  • Telephone
  • Investments, Assets
  • Birth date
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Payroll economic data
  • Bank data
  • Data relating to convictions and criminal offenses
  • Data on administrative infractions
  • Proof of Criminal Background
  • Company where you work
  • Profession
  • Professional Positions
  • Training, diplomas
  • Professional experience
  • Professional history
  • Income

We may ask you to provide the original documentation and a its copy, as evidence of the information you have provided.

How do we obtain your personal data?

You provide us with your personal data through a web form, email and third-party systems, for mailing register porpoise.

We require that you update your personal data as it changes and always provide us real information, as we need to have your current information.

For what purposes do we process your data?

Your personal data will be processed in order to comply with the legal and regulatory provisions of publicly traded companies, media management and administrative management.

What is the legitimacy for processing your data?

The legal basis for the processing of your personal data for the purpose of this Privacy Notice is the legal and/or regulatory obligation of the Neoenergia Group, contractual relationship and consent for cases of registration to participate in a public presentation carried out by the Company.

How long do we keep your data?

Personal data will be kept for the period necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected.

After this period, Neoenergia may keep the data properly blocked until the end of the period of (i) obligations to which Neoenergia may be subject, (ii) possible responsibilities arising from its treatment, as well as the treatment itself and (iii) in the event of anonymous personal data, with no possibility of association with the Holder, Neoenergia may maintain it for an indefinite period.

Who will your data be shared with?

Your data will be accessible to:

  • Partners and service providers to achieve the purpose of this Privacy Notice;
  • Other companies of Neoenergia Group;
  • Public and / or competent authority, for the protection Neoenergia’s interests or by court order or requests from the competent authority; and
  • Public authorities for compliance with legal or regulatory obligations.

Your personal data may be shared with third parties or public entities when necessary for legal obligations related to the Brazilian Corporate Law and resolutions of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission.

In any case, these shared data will be carried out with the appropriate legal basis and respecting the principles of legality, loyalty, transparency and purpose limitation, among others. You can, at any time, contact Neoenergia to find out the specific guarantees that have been implemented for the adequate and appropriate protection of your personal data, as well as how it have been adopted.

Neoenergia may provide your personal data to associated people / employees of your economic group, even if this implies an international transfer of your data under the terms informed in this privacy notice and provided that the LGPD’s dictates are respected.

What are your rights?

According to the LGPD, the Holder is entitled to obtain from Neoenergia, regarding the data processed by him / she, at any time and upon request: (i) confirmation of the existence of treatment; (ii) access to data; (iii) correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data; (iv) anonymizing, blocking or deleting unnecessary and excessive data, if applicable; (v) information from public and private entities which the controller has shared data use.

Data owners can send their requests to exercise their rights, when applicable, through the following channel: Neoenergia – LGPD – Investors.

When applicable, you also have the right to file a complaint with the National Data Protection Agency.

This Privacy Notice may change. We will post a notice on our website to inform you of significant and/or materials changes and prior to its publication. The most current version of this Privacy Notice, which will be the guideline of use of your data, will always be available through the channel , in applicable cases.